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Our philosophy is very simple. We know that our success is your success. Your success is our ability to provide products and programs which meet your customers needs and solve their problems. Click the sign up button. We will then set up a time for you to speak with our president, Lou Bologna. He was in semi retirement and had to come out seeing the opportunities which existed.

If you are interested in working in the corporate market in person on on the web, we can really make this happen. Sign Up Today! 

Broker Opportunities

Broker Opportunities

The new Affordable Care Act has dramatically reduced commissions and is attempting to take the broker out of the loop.

We, however see an opportunity in all of this confusion and malfeasance against us. You are the most important consultant to the individual, families and business. The market is now more confusing than ever. There are so many mind fields, fears and unknowns that the clients are searching out experts to help them. 

Do you think the American public is going to depend on the Government to help them. NO!

This is why you need to become part of our organization. It is our mission to provide solutions to this ever challenging landscape.

We want out team to have the tools and products to allow them to be experts and problem solvers.

We have designed unique products and consultative programs which help your clients and convert your prospects.

 Portfolio and Platforms

You will be provided the best CRM and online enrollment system in the market. This will allow you to track and enroll new insureds over the internet.

We also are one of the only enrollment platforms which provides direct link which processes over 60% of the HealthCare.gov sites data. Therefore, allowing you to enroll tax subsidies accounts within 15 minutes.

We also provide a website for online enrollment.

A small list of the portfolio we will provide:

We also provide Proprietary programs which provide huge advantages for clients with 20 plus employees. You need to find out what all we do. Click the sign up button Today!