Employee benefits have always been a keep component of an employees total compensation. Quality benefits are a key to recruiting and retaining a top team.

However, with all of the resent new changes coming forth with ObamaCare, this is a very challenging time for both the employer and employees. How do you best provide benefits? What are the benefits which best help the employees and meet the company's objectives and budget?

We bring the answers and provide unique solutions to assure the benefits your company offers are recognized and appreciated benefits by your employees.

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Corporate Services

The Employee Benefits Challenge

We provide unique solutions to one of the most challenging benefits for your employees and company.

Health Insurance and other employee beneifits. Now, with 15,000 new regulations alone for health insurance how does your company implement and stay in compliance.

Workers Compensation

 This is a mandatory insurance program. It can be costly. If you are in multiple states, it can be challenging.

 This is a major cost center. We provide multiple options for workers compensation.

Payroll Processing

 Payroll is the portal to all activity of an employee. Today, the governments are requiring more reporting. We provide multiple venture solutions.

Human Resources

HR has become a mind field for companies large and small. Our services provide compliance and counsel for you and your employees