Employee Benefits

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Employee Benefits

Employee benefits have always been a key component of an employee's total compensation. Quality benefits are a key to recruiting and retaining a top team.

However, with all of the resent new changes coming forth with ObamaCare, this is a very challenging time for both the employer and employees. How do you best provide benefits? What are the benefits which best help the employees and meet the company's objectives and budget?

We bring the answers and provide unique solutions to assure the benefits your company offers are recognized and appreciated benefits by your employees.

    How to Attract and Retain Employees

No longer will group employee health insurance be a part of the glue which holds the employee to your company.

New and inventive solutions will need to be brought to your employees.

Products such as:

* Wellness which includes Vacation/Travel

* Voluntary Employee Benefits

* Concierge Service for Employees

 * Education Assistant Programs

These types of programs will become necessary to attract and retain top talent in today's environment.

 2014 brings full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. We provide solutions. This is massive legislation with huge financial impact on your employees and your company.

If your company is under ten, what is best for me and employees?

As a company of ten to 49 employees, am I required to provide group health insurance? If not, what does my company need to do in order to be in compliance?

For those companies of 50 or more, what are their choices to help minimize the impact of the coming Affordable Care Act?  

Employee Benefits:

Self Funded

Fully Insured

Health Insurance

Prescription Drug

Long Term Disability

Short Term Disability




Payroll Deduction Benefit Options