Since 1991 our team has been bring solutions to companies and individuals. We have been improving a company’s bottom line and helping Individuals and employees on their insurance, retirement, administrative and other financial needs. This is accomplished by consulting and providing solutions which reduce their administrative, employee benefit, compliance and Human Resource costs. Today, the world provides a very challenging environment for business and Individuals.

Our company provides you with the resources and options to face the challenges Individuals and business face which allow your company to focus on your core business. We are an independent consulting and insurance firm bring positive solutions to help business, the employee and individual solve insurance, administrative, compliance and cost savings.


  We are in business to solve people’s problems and to give them what they want. Our clients pay us for this service. In other words, ask      our self how our business helps people, and then seek to achieve that solution in every transaction. For example, we sell business solutions.The purpose of our business is to make the company and employees pleased with our service to better your business. The purpose of our business is to provide people with the information they need to make sound decisions. If a client is unhappy for whatever reason, we give their money back – no argument. We also assist our client company and employees with the opportunity to on capitalize  the benefits, services and products which are being provided. This is the Golden Rule.  



Lou Bologna, CLU, RHU