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What makes VSP the best choice?

For years VSP has maintained member satisfaction ratings above 95%. That means that nearly all of our 58 million members love what we do for them. As a not-for-profit vision care company, we put our members first and are dedicated to helping them maintain excellent eye health.

Getting you high-quality vision care is so important to us that if you're not fully satisfied, we want to hear from you so we can make it right.


The Best Access

You want a doctor that’s conveniently located to you. With more than 28,000 doctors VSP boasts the most extensive doctor network of any vision company. These eye care professionals partner with VSP to deliver the best patient experience and to ensure personalized care. Find a Doctor


The Best Choices

Once you're a member of VSP, you'll be thrilled by the large selection of eyewear available to you. From classic styles to trendy frames, you'll find hundreds of options to choose from. Our frames include dozens of top brand names, so you can find one that fits your personality.


We make it easy for you to obtain and use VSP insurance. Our easy online process will have you enrolled within minutes. And using your benefits is as simple as showing up at your doctor’s office. Enroll

A Not-for-profit that Cares

VSP got its start with a group of optometrists who shared a dream to provide high-quality, cost-effective eye care benefits. Together, they formed the first prepaid, not-for-profit vision benefit. To this day VSP continues to care about our members—it’s ingrained in our nature.             

Your Monthly  COST


Self /Spouse









Vision Benefits




From VSP Provider

Out of Network


12 months



Covered up to $45.00


12 months

$15 for lens & frames


Covered up to $30/single vision





Covered up to $50/bifocal





Covered up to $65/trifocal





Covered up to $50/progressive


24 months

A wide selection of frames are covered in full


Covered up to $70.00

Contact Lens Service Medically Necessary Elective


12 months

12 months





Covered Covered up to $105.00


Covered up to $210.00 Covered up to $105.00

Laser Vision Correction



Discounted Services


*The plan provides a total of $130.00 for lenses and frames.


VSP Doctor Access: We have the nation’s largest eye care doctor network, with thousands of doctors.

Special Enrollment

The Federal Government Is Providing a Special Enrollment During March 15th - April 30th

2015 It is not too Late

If you do not enroll or already have insurance during this period you will not be able to enroll unless you have a Special Event.

                                                  Below is a viable solution to help your company with it's Group Health Insurance.

Obama Care confusion and delays  are causing companies to question if they should provide health care to their employees through a group program.

We are introducing the new Dividend Plan® which allows companies:

1. to reduce the tax burden placed on companies by Obama care...a reduction of up to 8% in taxes

2. Non community rated plan, therefore reducing the cost of employees ages 20-45 by as much as 25%

3. Money paid back directly to the company when claims are low