Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

2014 brings full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. We provide solutions. This is massive legislation with huge financial impact on your employees and your company. If your company is under ten, what is best for me and my employees? As a company of ten to 49 employees, am I required to provide group health insurance? If not, what does my company need to do in order to be in compliance? For those companies of 50 or more, what are their choices to help minimize the impact of the coming Affordable Care Act?Read more

Tax Savings

Health Reimbursement Plans

Reduce your health care cost and be eligible for special deductions which help to reduce your tax bill.

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Life Insurance

Payroll Deduction Benefits

 Today, your employees need to be able to provide for their selves and families through the convenience of your company. Only 44% of households have an individual life insurance policy, and 30% have no individual or employer provided lifeinsurance. Some 11 million households with children younger than 18 - viewed as families with the greatest need for coverage - have no life insurance.which help to reduce your tax bill.


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Company Administration/Plans

Road Series

Payroll Processing

Payroll is the portal to all activity of an employee. Today, the governments are requiring more reporting. We provide multiple solutions.

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  City Series

Human Resource managment

 HR has become a mind field for companies large and small. Our services provide compliance and counsel for you and your employees. The challenges today are too great for any sized company to manage this complex area of employment.

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Savings and Planning

Why should you start this program today!43% of Americans have less than $10k for retirement.

We provide retirement options 401k through your company and individual programs.


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Workers Compensation

Mountain Series

Workers Compensation

There are two ways to provide workers compensation. One is through a traditional method whereby it is insured by an insurance company or by the State Program. The other option is to provide a self-funded method of insurance.  Our solutions are comprehensive. We look upon workers compensation as a partnership. Our objective aggregates employers together and provide the economy of scale and reduce costs immediately.

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Junior Series

Health Insurance

Individual Major Medical Insurance

 All Major Medical Policies are at the lowest price allowed by State Law.. Health insurance is complicated. We make it simple. We represent all of the national carriers and provide you with the plans and company which fit your needs.

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Dirt / Street Series

Who Pays If

You personal welbeing is important. Who pays the bills if you become ill or have an accident? We provide those coverages to assure your family, income is protected. Providing dollars for you to pay your rent or house payment and your deductibles and health insurance short falls.

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